The World’s Concert
Juneteenth, 2022-2026

It’s time for CHANGE! We are proud to announce the creation of “CHANGE” The World’s Concert, a fundraising effort to support The KQM CHANGE Foundation and its hundreds of children who have lost a parent or guardian to crimes of hate.

The “LIVE AID” style mega show will include collaborations of the biggest names from all genres of music and entertainment. A global audience is expected to take part every year,
with 70,000 live spectators and 10’s of millions of pay per view subscribers around the world.


COVID 19 Testing programs have been instituted to allow “CHANGE” the opportunity to offer A 1st of 2021, COVID SAFE, large scale concert in the nation, if not the WORLD.
Over 100 major celebrity influencers from MUSIC, MOVIES, TV, VIRAL Internet and Politics have been invited to perform and attend this first annual event.


The KQM CHANGE Foundation will NOT offer education scholarships to children who have lost a parent or guardian to HATE Crimes. The Foundation will offer “LIFE SCHOLARSHIPS” to those young lives, including Mentorship, financial support and generational HOPE for the future. Join us! Be a mentor and support these efforts for CHANGE.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to secure your participation in this history making event in 2021 and beyond.