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KQM Global LLC and The KQM CHANGE Foundation secure partnership with Entertainment Industry ICON

Paul D. Schindler and KQM Global LLC agree to terms, creating a partnership for CHANGE

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / -- We are proud to announce a new partnership with Paul D. Schindler, the Senior Chair of the New York Entertainment and Media Practice. Paul has served as counsel to numerous award-winning, multi-platinum musical artists, producers, record labels, and various types of entertainment companies such as Madonna, KISS, Ricky Martin, Def Jam Records, Uptown Records and Shakira, just to name a few.

Paul’s focus will be to secure the balance of A-Listers that will be performing at “CHANGE” The World’s Concert, Juneteenth, 2021-2024 in Las Vegas, an annual fundraising event for The KQM CHANGE Foundation, where all NET proceeds will fund the “LIFE Scholarship” program to help children dramatically effected by crimes of hate.


* KQM Global LLC, The KQM Change Foundation and Paul Schindler are helping make “CHANGE” happen, for children who have lost a parent or guardian to crimes of hate.

*Together, they will shape the future for children who are victims of hate crimes and help provide a better future through “CHANGE” The World’s Concert in Las Vegas on Juneteenth annually.

“This is a tremendous concert event. The likes of which haven’t been seen since “LIVE AID” 1985. Today is the right time and place for such an event, for such a needed cause. We as a group are not trying to CHANGE the world. We’re trying to CHANGE a child’s world.” – Paul D. Schindler

“We believe our partnership with Paul Schindler is a unique opportunity to secure A-list artists to help make “CHANGE” happen. His expertise and knowledge of the industry will be instrumental in creating the most influential concert since LIVE AID.” – Emilio Torres KQM CHANGE Foundation, President

Through this partnership with Paul Schindler, KQM is now offering the best quality and impactful presentation, that will help raise funds to provide life mentors to children. The goal of the KQM CHANGE Foundation is to create programs to support those effected, to end hate crimes and the need to actually operate the foundation.




The KQM CHANGE Foundation was established in September 2020, in the state of California with headquarters in Wrightwood, California, to support the lives of children that have been dramatically affected by crimes of hate across America. The KQM CHANGE Foundation will host fundraising events with celebrity influencers who believe in the needs of these children.


President & Chief Executive Officer:

Emilio Torres



• Emilio Torres

• Jennifer Gregory

• Jay Menez

• Shameka Miller

• Eric Wright Jr. aka Lil Eazy E

• Ryan Carnes

• Lynne Waggoner-Patton

Help The KQM Change Foundation by sharing this information about the movement for CHANGE and partnership with Paul Schindler. Donate to, purchase event pay per view subscriptions to take part in fund-raising events, order merchandise on, follow/share us on social media; Facebook:

Please invite friends and family to take part in CHANGE.

“We will NOT give a young child a college scholarship. We will give them a LIFE Scholarship”

Emilio Torres KQM Global dba KINGS of MUSIC Las Vegas +1 303-506-3291 Visit us on social media: Facebook

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